Democratic – Capitalist

Community Organizer

Philadelphia, Pa.


Sec. 1. Education

  1. School Choice
  2. Increase teacher’s salary with for-profit private contractor model
  3. Repeal and Replace the public school system
  4. Educators or [groups of educators] will benefit greatly by offering private contractual agreement
  5. As owner or leaser of facilities, educators promote their educational services in the interest of acquiring student enrollment
  6. Create citywide, statewide and nationwide Parent/Student Union
  7. Invest and equally allocate 10% of our national yearly fiscal budget into public schools
  8. Pell Grants For All – grades K to 12
  9. I.P.O. private schools K to 12 comprised of district resident shareholders
  10. Entrepreneurship and Leadership core curriculum – grades 5 to 12
  11. Restore high school trade certification programs
  12.  Substantially reduce college tuition costs
  13. Emphasize taxpayer funded scholarship programs for trade schools
  14. Eliminate tenure
  15. Incentivize educators and administrators with monetary bonus opportunities which shall be predicated upon student aptitude levels
  16. Bodycam shall be worm by all teachers and school staff to ensure safe and productive learning environment

Sec. 2. Economics

  1. Enact a “Robot and Automation Tax”
  2. Replace The Welfare State with $1,000 monthly Guaranteed Income for documented citizens of “working age” who are unemployed as well as those earning up to $30,000 annually and $500 monthly for those earning $30,000 up to $36,000 annually.
  3. Install a “Value Added Tax” on natural resources
  4. Eliminate the Minimum Wage mandate
  5. Multi-Trillion dollar “Small Business Grant” program specifically for inhabitants of Opportunity Zones
  6. Substantially reduce income tax and capital gains tax
  7. Assemble national conglomerates comprised of small businesses whom occupy similar industries in the private sector
  8. Apply principles of Group Economics in efforts to Mobilize the middle and under-class
  9. Capitalism or Socialism should be decided on the state level
  10. Encourage employer based training in place of college degree requirements in select industries
  11. Invest into small businesses and tech industries
  12. Ban corporate lobbying and government hacking
  13. Free and “Fair” trade
  14. Enforce the Sherman Act and eliminate all subsequent regulations
  15. Enact my “College Town Tax” bill which is administered unto universities to fund public schools
  16.  50% income tax waiver for college students with outstanding educational loans in good standing
  17.  Reform and reinforce Labor Laws
  18. Reduce American made sourcing requirements from 75% to 65% under the United States Mexico Canada Agreement
  19. Assist workers with transitioning into shareholders by focusing academia on the opportunities that are authorized in various industries

Sec. 3. Healthcare

  1.  Substantially reduce costs associated with healthcare treatment, insurance and prescription drugs
  2. Install my “Healthcare Loans For All” policy that guarantees access to funds needed to pay for emergency medical treatment
  3. Pro choice
  4. Implement my “Compartmentalized Insurance” policies to accommodate Pro Choice and Pro Life supporters
  5. Allow patients to choose their doctor
  6. Make insurance accessible across state lines
  7. I.P.O. hospitals comprised of district resident shareholders
  8. Invest into private medical practice
  9. Substantial enhancement of Military Veterans healthcare benefits
  10. Afford citizens the option to choose government provided Universal Health Care or Private Insurance

Sec. 4. Law Enforcement

  1. Law and Order
  2. Emphasis on crime prevention
  3. Allocate sufficient funding to all precincts
  4. Implement Safety Crisis Management
  5. All police officers shall self-administer Drugalyzer & Breathalyzer testing daily before every shift
  6. All Police officers shall be subject to Anabolic Steroid testing at least 3 times annually in 4 month intervals
  7. Privatize airport security
  8. Ban warrant execution tactics that are typically carried out at the alleged fugitive’s domicile or facility while applying stealthy stakeout techniques that allow police opportunity to choose safe and neutral arrest location
  9. Outlaw “Stop and Frisk”
  10. Illegal Search & Seizure equates to Breaking & Entering
  11. Ban traffic stop encounters to circumvent “kill zone” in consideration of our Police Officers’ safety
  12. Expand the role of Law Enforcement Officers by requiring their initial four (4) hours of overtime be served as community service, with events that emphasize relationship building among community members. See my “Protect And Serve” initiative.
  13. Encourage facilitation of unarmed private policing and community mediation funded and conducted by district residents
  14. Make public all police “Traffic Stop” and other interactive encounter training videos to ensure civilian expectations are fully transparent

Sec. 5. Prisons

  1. Emphasize rehabilitation
  2. Minimize recidivism
  3. Trade certification programs for all prisoners
  4. Implement my “Transfer Skills To Entrepreneurship” program
  5. Enact my Private Prison “School Tax” bill which shall be administered unto prisons to fund public schools

Sec. 6. Judicial Reform

  1. Expand the 1st Step Act
  2. Federal outlaw on Capital Punishment
  3. Term limits for Supreme Court Justices
  4. Repeal and Replace our Juvenile Justice system
  5. End Qualified Immunity
  6. Legalize all illicit drugs
  7. Legalize prostitution
  8. Reform sentencing for all non-violent victimless crimes
  9. Create private entity with power to investigate internal affairs

Sec. 7. Immigration

  1. Enforce all immigration laws
  2. Path to citizenship for all Dreamers
  3. Fines and imprisonment for all corporation owners who employ illegal immigrants
  4. Apply principles of U.S.M.C.A. to induce trade and commerce between the United States and Mexico as well as other countries from which we incur an influx of economic refugees
  5. Ban catch and release
  6. Include homeless citizens into sanctuary city programs with emphasis on restorative services and personal advancement

Sec. 8. Mental Health

  1. Access to Mental Healthcare for all
  2. Invest into “clinician to client” direct care private practice model
  3. Emotional support groups in all classrooms K to 12

Sec. 9. Gun Control

  1.  I support our 2nd amendment

Sec. 10. Infrastructure

  1. Privatize water, sewers and wastewater systems, transit networks, bridges and highways
  2. Regulations consistent with utilities
  3. Taxpayer funded road restoration
  4. Unarmed private police comprised of immediate community members

Sec. 11. Social Justice

  1. Term limits for Congresspersons
  2. Repeal and replace Family Court
  3. I support our 1st amendment & “Free Exchange Of Ideas”
  4. We should determine a finite subscriber capacity to define “utility status” for all social media platforms
  5. Demand more amicable partnership agreement as standard social media practice
  6. Reform our parole and probation systems
  7. Ensure that all prisoners are equipped with trade certification and/or an organized and authorized For-profit or Non-profit operation in the interest of reducing recidivism
  8. Implement my “Housing For Homeless” program
  9. Field hand farming jobs 1st right of refusal to homeless citizens
  10. Reduce the significance of discrimination by investing into minority owned businesses and institutions
  11. Induce industries that generate economic growth and job creation in the homeland of refugees
  12. Emphasize entrepreneurial opportunities for middle and under-class Americans in industries that support economic growth and job creation in dilapidated territories or nations
  13. Mandate corporations who benefit from regulatory government sanctions and subsidies to invest 5% annual capital gains into small businesses who have proven their business model
  14. Re-enact “The Fairness Doctrine”
  15. Legalize Polygamy
  16. Legalize Recreational Marijuana use and cultivation.
  17. Increase “First Time Buyer Assist” to induce home ownership
  18. Mandate all public restrooms be equipped with single stall and single door with lock